Planning a Expedition, adventure or longer trip in 2018? 

the Zegul Empower Expedition is a great choice!  Expedition Edition in Rock Solid at Tequila Sport shop in Harstad.  We deliver kayak in all of Norway for only 750,-  Or visit our kayakshop in Harstad, try out and paddle in the great North Norway.  Many start the trip from our shop in Harstad and go north to Senja, Tromsø, Alta, Northcape or Kirkenes.  the other way is also popular, go by vesterålen and Lofoten, Helgeland to Trondheim and Ålesund.  Also possible to combine it with a visit on paddle event in the north Vesterålen as Arctic Sea Kayak Race in the end of July.


Ehren Wiener and Hannelore Cuypers is going on several expeditions this year. Exploring North Norway by Lofoten, Helgeland and Tromsø.  We look forward to see more from your journey


The Empower is great for expeditions, adventure and longer paddle tours! You can load it extreme and still it have great waterline. Manuver as no kayak we have tried, speed and full controll. Steady kayak with great paddle skills.  Several customers have choose this modell for paddle trip out from Our shop in Harstad to Lofoten and Vesterålen, Senja, Helgeland, Tromsø, Namsos, Trøndelag++

We can make delivery from many destinations back to your place if you only want see and paddle in the North Norway. Visit the kingdom islands in Harstad, Vesterålen, Lofoten and Senja.

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Customers pictures Padle adventure Harstad to Moskenes (Lofoten) with the Empower on a 3 week journey in the north.
@Arild Rosnes og Elin Elisson

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Arildrosnes_20dg camptur

ElinElissonArildRosnes empower_black_elin

Read about Harald Aas tur fra Harstad til Namsos in Zegul Arrow Empower RS (Rock Solid) on his 3 week Adventure in 2017. The 2018 trip went from Namsos to Bergen 105mil


joyinocean_harald aas_johnnytequila_empower
Pakket og klar! ready for joy in ocean. Harald with johnny tequila




Zegul Arrow Empower for Photo Enthusiasts
The Empower is a stady kayak and used by many nature photographer. Our lokal Stein Evert Pettersen in Narvik use the kayak for week tours arround in beautiful  North Norway

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- Freight to your home harbor or destination 750,-
- Renting from shop in Harstad (Utleie)
- Buying from shop in Harstad and paddle from here
- Transport from end expedition destination to home
- Flight pick up service at Evenes (Harstad) Airport nkr 500,-

For Paddling in Harstad, Lofoten and Vesterålen we also recomend a smaller kayak as Zegul Play MV PE or Nuka MV PE. Great and enof for weekend or week trip. Our paddle friends from Kristiansand visit us and had a great paddle week in Harstads Kingdom of islands

Les om padleparets opplevelser i Øyriket utenfor Harstad
Read about padleparets trip in the kingdom of islands in Harstad – MeløyværKrøttøy




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